Every PC we build is custom, hand-built to order Origin PC

ORIGIN PC is a PC company that builds award winning custom PCs for gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals.

 Our mission is to create the absolute best custom PCs for every individual’s specific wants and needs. Whether you want the most realistic and immersive gaming experience or ultra-fast workstation performance, every ORIGIN PC is up to the task.

Founded in 2009, the team sought out to continue building custom high-performance PCs and providing world-class support. With several years of experience in PC building, support, and service, ORIGIN PC is comprised of industry veterans that have helped grow the professionally-built PC market.

In 2019, ORIGIN PC was acquired by CORSAIR, combining expertise in PC building and expansive PC hardware to grow ORIGIN PC even more. With iCUE, Hydro X Series custom cooling, unique system designs, and internal components, CORSAIR and ORIGIN PC will continue to collaborate and bring a greater PC experience to the world.

Every PC we build is custom, hand-built to order by request.

We use only superior components paired with award-winning integration and offer professional overclocking to support the most demanding PC usage.

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