Custom Dog House or Outside Cat House

Why Buy your Custom Dog House or Outside Cat House from Us?

Blythe Wood Works was the only custom dog house and outside cat house manufacturer on the Internet in 1998. We were the first, we are the original, authentic American craftsmen making customized dog houses still today! Made in America, by Americans, with American-made products.
Our dog and cat houses are better than the rest, because:
  • Our custom dog houses and outdoor cat houses offer options like air conditioning, heat, windows, porches, and raised foundations to provide your dog or cat exceptional comfort in their new home.
  • We have the option of insulated dog houses, and seal-safe doors, so your heated or cooled dog house can be energy efficient.
  • All of our pet houses have #1 grade clear siding, 2x2 framing with diagonal bracing, and lifetime wolmanized, pressure treated floor joists.
  • Our nails are stainless steel, ensuring no corrosion, rust, or bleeding.
  • Our screws are ACQ powder coated, making them rust and corrosion proof.
  • Each dog house is handmade (cat houses too!), and signed by the craftsman.
  • We engineer, design, and field test every premium custom dog house and outside cat house in our product line.
  • We offer more accessories and options than any other manufacturer.
  • We have large dog houses for sale that fit even the largest, 200+ lb dog!
  • We're a Christian-based company that's been in business for over 25 years.

Buy from the original custom dog house manufacturer, the best, Blythe Wood Works!

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