Create your vitamin brand today

Our passion is to collaborate with entrepreneurial firms and help our clients build premium lasting brands. Whatever you imagine, we will make it happen. 

Maybe it’s an extreme sports formula or a balanced wellness formula, a functional ingredient, weight management, or any dietary supplement solution, even for pets. 

We offer in-house formulas or we work with you from scratch to create your dream. With the highest quality certifications, talented product development team, and fast turn-around times, we will be an integral part of the success of your brand for years to come.

A seamless partnership to get top selling products that are manufactured in the US? Then, we are the perfect partner for you!

The most comprehensive in-house product development and flavoring services to help design the best tasting and most innovative products on the market. Whether it's powders, capsules, or tablets.

Our passion is to collaborate with YOU and help you build premier and long lasting brands. At Lief, you are not just our customer, but our partner! Let's grow together!

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